Daniel and Kim Testimonial

Dear Putu Ariani (Bali Rani Wedding Organizer)

A sincere thank you to you and your team in providing us with a beautiful wedding in Bali.  Bali Rani Wedding provided us with the wedding we always dreamed of.  Everything was prepared, provided and organized to our requests and all we had to do was to turn up on the day, no questions asked.
The wedding photography and album was amazing and everyone still comments about it, and to think it was all prepared and delivered with in three days.
To all of you who are looking at getting married in Bali consider Bali Rani Wedding, from a legal (Australian Consulate application) and professional point of view it was just to easy to get married, it was nice to sit back and relax and not worry about anything but a great holiday and a unforgettable wedding day.

Thank you again Putu

Kind Regards

Daniel & Kim from Australia

wedding in bali

Daniel and Kim

Simon and Chelsey Testimonial

Dear Putu Ariani (Bali Rani Wedding Organizer)

Thank you so much for helping us to make our special day unique and unforgettable. We have so many beautiful photos that we can share with our family and friends and the photo album is amazing.
Being able to tailor a package to suit our needs made our wedding so much easier and the photographers were fantastic to work with.
I will highly recommend your services to any other couples looking to have a ceremony in Bali.


Simon & Chelsey from Australia

simon and chelsey

Simon and Chelsey Balhorn

Jamie and Jodie Testimonial

Dear Putu Ariani (Bali Rani Wedding Organizer)

Bali Rani Wedding Organizer (especially Putu) planned our wedding perfectly !
Everything ran without a problem, their experience really showed through
in making the happiest day of our life an unforgettable one.

Thanks again to Putu and Bali Rani Wedding Organizer for everything,  you really made our day special.


Jamie & Jodie from Australia


Jamie and Jodie Poole

Evan and Shantelle Testimonial

Dear Putu Ariani (Bali Rani Wedding Organizer),

I can not begin to express how thankful we both are, you made our wedding day in Bali magical !!!. We both had on amazing time and we were so pleased with everything you did for us

Many thanks


Evan & Shantelle from Australia


Evan and Shantelle

Bali Rani Wedding Organizer

Dear Bride and Groom To-be,

To create the perfect wedding……your wedding in Bali, you can trust the experts wedding organizer who understand that this is the most important day of your life Bali Rani Wedding Organizer will help you chose the ideal location for your celebration.

We’ll worry about ” to do ” so you concentrate on ” I do ” We at Bali Rani Wedding Organizer promise you just that truth is, amidst the dreams cape and fantasia, reality bites. Wedding preparation can be tiring and time-consuming.

Detailed planning and the perfect coordination on the wedding day can be quite a hassle. You have heard nightmare stories due to the lack of planning, resulting in stressful (and some painful) experiences. But we’re sure that you have also heard success stories of beautiful and memorable wedding.

Bali Rani Wedding Organizer will make sure your story is a beautiful and memorable one. With our experience in planning and managing wedding and major corporate projects, we are your choice wedding planners in Bali to bring your dream to fruition.

Contact us to learn more about our complete wedding packages wedding in Bali and lets Bali Rani Wedding Organizer help you turn ordinary into extra ordinary

A life time of happy memories begins with Bali Rani Wedding Organizer

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