Bali Rani Wedding Organizer is run by its founder, Putu Ariani and supported by a team of dedicated and service-oriented staff. Putu Ariani, who is blissfully married, firmly believes in making every couple’s wedding dream wedding in Bali be come true.

This passion came about after what happened on her own wedding day in Balinese Wedding Ceremony. Like most couples, Ariani got her friends to help out in her wedding day coordination

However, because they were close friends, they got engrossed celebrating the joyous occasion with her that they neglected their assigned duties and responsibilities. They overlooked certain important things that should have been done.

She learn from then that it is a dilemma indeed to have a couple’s friends or relatives act as wedding coordinators and planners. Planners and coordinators are much needed to keep the stress off the bride and groom, but when relatives and friends double up, they must be able to draw a clear line between the professional and personal. This can pose quite a challenge.

We are proud to offer you our professional service to ensure your wedding ceremony in Bali will be the most special and memorable in a lifetime….and we have complete wedding packages wedding in Bali

The answer : Bali Rani Wedding Organizer a team of professional planner and coordinator wedding in Bali who are devoted and single-minded in one purpose: To celebrate your wedding the professional way and to do away with the dilemma for well, so that your friends and relatives can take a back seat and rejoice wholeheartedly with you.

A life time of happy memories begins with Bali Rani Wedding Organizer