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Dear Bride and Groom To-be,

To create the perfect wedding……your wedding in Bali, you can trust the experts wedding organizer who understand that this is the most important day of your life Bali Rani Wedding Organizer will help you chose the ideal location for your celebration.

We’ll worry about ” to do ” so you concentrate on ” I do ” We at Bali Rani Wedding Organizer promise you just that truth is, amidst the dreams cape and fantasia, reality bites. Wedding preparation can be tiring and time-consuming.

Detailed planning and the perfect coordination on the wedding day can be quite a hassle. You have heard nightmare stories due to the lack of planning, resulting in stressful (and some painful) experiences. But we’re sure that you have also heard success stories of beautiful and memorable wedding.

Bali Rani Wedding Organizer will make sure your story is a beautiful and memorable one. With our experience in planning and managing wedding and major corporate projects, we are your choice wedding planners in Bali to bring your dream to fruition.

Contact us to learn more about our complete wedding packages wedding in Bali and lets Bali Rani Wedding Organizer help you turn ordinary into extra ordinary

A life time of happy memories begins with Bali Rani Wedding Organizer

Natasha Morgan Boyer Testimonial

Highly recommend
Putu done an absolutely brilliant job organising everything, The photographer done an amazing job on our pictures and the album was gorgeous Couldn’t thank everyone enough

Natasha Morgan Boyer

Nikki Goodbarne Testimonial

hi Putu ( Bali Rani Wedding Organizer ),
I hope you are well. thank you so much for putting up the photos and the video from our wedding day in Bali.  So happy to see some good pics from you. thank you for all you did for us, our wedding was amazing just like you

Nikki Goodbarne

Kristine Hoej Johnson Testimonial

Thank you Putu for the most beautiful wedding and for making our dreams come true  you will forever be in our hearts.

Kristine Hoej Johnson

Melanie Bannan & Amelia Santini Testimonial

Melanie Bannan

I am forever grateful to Putu and her team Bali Rani Wedding Organizer who made our day even better than what I had asked for. My girlfriend Amelia Santini did a lot of the groundwork as we tried to keep the renewal of vows secret from my husband, who I might add loved the surprise. We chose Putu because of her communication skills and her professional attitude which were exceptional. Also there was a point where there was a possibility that we may not be able to come to Bali, Putu was accommodating and happy to resolve this if we couldn’t get to Bali. This is the business you need to talk to if you want to have an amazing wedding that is all taken care of by an excellent wedding planner. My husband and I cannot thank Putu and her team enough! Next I must write my review for the wedding photographer.. Fantastic 10 out of 10

Amelia Santini

Putu was amazing to deal with easy to get a hold of and nothing was too much trouble, I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to plan a wedding. On the day we couldn’t believe the amount of detail and attention that Putu showed it really was truely amazing and made my girlfriends dream come true. Now hopefully Putu can plan my wedding next


Melanie Bannan & Amelia Santini

Melanie Bannan & Amelia Santini

Allan & Sakeena Testimonial

Hi Putu and Bali Rani Wedding Organizer Team,

We cannot thank you enough for all your help, advice and dedication to us from day one of our correspondence, right through to the day you personally
delivered our amazing photos. Not only did the ceremony exceed all our expectations, but our special day was made complete by the fabulous, intimate dinner you organised for us.  4 years ago you married some dear friends of ours who said so many lovely things about you, and I can truthfully say I will be recommending you to any of our friends looking into having a
wedding in wonderful Bali.
Once again, thank you so much Putu…

Love and take care,

Allan & Sakeena from Australia

Allan & Sakeena

Allan & Sakeena

Haley & John Testimonial

Hi Putu and Bali Rani Wedding Organizer Team,

Thank you so much for your help with organizing our wedding in Bali.  Your assistance was always very helpful, professional and friendly. Everything went smoothly on the day and the end result was everything we had hoped for and more. I would highly recommend Bali Rani Wedding Organizer to anyone having a wedding in Bali.


Haley and John from Australia

Haley & John

Mitch & Katherine Testimonial

Hi Putu and Bali Rani Wedding Organizer Team,

Thank you so much for making our big day wedding in Bali so special. From our initial correspondence to handling the last minute logistics regarding the ceremony, Putu exuded professionalism and genuine care for our wedding. Putu even went above and beyond the limitations of our arrangement to make our ceremony particularly beautiful. Above all, Putu is extremely kind and a pleasure to work with. Putu’s services were recommended to us, and we’ll be sure to continue the favour.

Much love

Mitch & Katherine from Canada

Mitch & Katherine

Scott & Renae Datson Testimonial

Dear Putu and staff Bali Rani Wedding Organizer

Thank you so much for being with us on our wedding day in Bali. Your experience and caring nature made the day even better. We are extremely happy with all the photo’s taken on the day and love looking back at them as it documented the whole day.  It is something that we will treasure forever.

Thank you so very much

Scott & Renae from Australia ( )

Scott & Renae

Samantha & Nathan Testimonial

Dear Putu & & all the staff at Bali Rani Wedding Organizer team

A massive Thank you to Putu and the team at Bali Rani Wedding Organizer, You made our special day wedding in Bali amazing and stress free. We love our photos and everything you supplied for us.

Kindest Regards

Samantha & Nathan from Australia

Samantha & Nathan

Judith & Trevor Testimonial

Dear Putu & & all the staff at Bali Rani Wedding Organizer team

We were wedding in Bali on 6th July 2011. All aspects of our wedding were organized by Putu Ariani from Bali Rani Wedding Organizer. In all respects, Putu was efficient and timely with her assistance to ensure we had a memorable, hassle free wedding. We would highly recommend her to you.


Trevor and Judith  Potter from Australia (

Judith & Trevor

China Agent


Australia Agent
Australia Agent